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Welcome to Russia, I hope you don’t need your bags this week

Matt Annetts: so gnarly he doesn’t need goggles.

My flight: Jackson>Salt Lake>Atlanta>Munich>Moscow>Sochi
My bags: Jackson>Slat Lake>Atlanta (1 Night Layover)>Munich (1 Night Layover)>Moscow (2 Night Layover> Frankfurt>Munich (1 Night Layover)>Vienna (1 Night Layover)> Sochi

I made it to Russia, unfortunately, my bags decided to go on a scenic journey through airports of Europe. Someday, I hope to see them again. Hopefully Saturday. For now, it’s chilling in a very rainy Krasnaya Polyana. It’s raining to the top, and the bottom two lifts have zero snow, so you have to upload carrying your skis. However, the top has more snow than last year, and hopefully we’ll have a window Saturday or Monday (and I’ll have my luggage.) Although, like a seasoned veteran, I carried on my boots, transceiver, and helmet, and McFly has a pair of MX108 187s that I can borrow- so it’s not so bad. Plus, this gives me an excuse to buy a bunch of Russian clothes, which I was meaning to do. Stay posted for some video etc.