To Do

I shy away from cliché terms like “bucket list” or “life list” because they sound definitive, serious, non-dynamic, and, well, lame. This list is always changing and is as much (possibly more) about the weird, small stuff as it is about the larger things. I figure if you can cross off a couple things each year, while simultaneously adding a few more, you’re doing pretty good. (Note: I came up with this before it became mainstream to have such lists)

Ride a Bull- Completed July 4, 2003

I’ve done a lot of pretty scary things in my life, but, getting on a pissed off, very large animal tops them all. It started as a joke after a few beers. I convinced three friends to enter the “Home Town Bull Riding” event in the Fourth of July Rodeo in Hailey, ID. The day of the event, we decided to watch a Bull Riding flick to get pumped up. Enter Eight Seconds. For the record, that’s not the best movie to get pumped up to, as the protagonist bull rider dies.

Anyway, we show up to the rodeo grounds half an hour early, as instructed, to get all of the safety equipment and a rundown on just how to ride a bull. Needless to say we were a bit surprised when all we got was a rope and a “be back in 25 minutes.” Not much was said amongst us in the next 25 minutes. We returned to the chutes, chatted up some cowboys who questioned our sanity more than gave us advice, and discussed how exactly we used said rope. Before we knew, it was game time, and I was preparing to get on a one ton, very angry animal. What happened was the last thing I expected:

See Social Distortion Live- Completed October, 2001

This might not seem all that significant, but when it looked like they were going to disband after Dennis Danell died, it was a big deal.

Win a Really Big Cardboard Check- Completed February, 2006

Surprisingly, really big checks aren’t that common in the world of freeskiing. I’ve only won two, which is still pretty cool I suppose.

Win Some Sort of World Championship

Skiing is looking the most promising currently, but I’d be game for some other category later in life. Pie Eating?

Be On a Game Show

Currently, The Price is Right is my focus. Should I get on, I will be bidding $1 every time.

Drive in a Demo Derby

If you are unaware of what a Demo Derby is, I suggest you research this great American pastime. Once you know what it is, you’ll understand my desire to compete in one.

Speak Another Language Fluently

American’s foreign language skills are pretty pathetic. At some point in my life I need to be able to speak another language, beyond the curse words I know currently in various other languages.

Own a Minor League Baseball Franchise

How cool would this be!? I’ll serve cheap beer, cheap hot dogs, and free peanuts. I’m gonna call them The Griffs.

Attend a Party at the Playboy Mansion


Set a World Record

I’ve been gunning for a world record for a while. I have no interest in setting a legitimate one; I’m far more interested in having some obscure one. Stay tuned on this, we have a bunch of projects in the mix.

Ski From One of the Seven Summits

One would be good enough for me.

Catch a Foul Ball

Come-on, what American-raised boy doesn’t have this dream? I still bring my mitt to games.

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