Shameless Self Promotion 101

Disclaimer- This is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek post. And yes, I realize the irony in the fact that I do most of these, and you probably got here via Facebook or Twitter.

T.J. Burke’s famous line from Aspen Extreme, “Skiing is the easy part,” may never have rung truer than today. You know you’re awesome, and so do your friends, but how to get the millions of other skiers to realize your prowess? Well, thanks to technology, people can practically instantaneously know of your exploits on the hill, with these easy-to-use tools:


Don’t be fooled! Both these tweets are equally useful and necessary!

The people need to know what you’re doing and where you’re doing it, every moment of the day. I know what you’re thinking, “Griffin, if you really think about it, isn’t the only reasonable use for twitter for mobile businesses, like roach coaches, to inform customers their location for the day? And last time I checked I’m not slinging Korean-Mexican-Fusion slopeside.” Nonesense! People everywhere are curious as to what you’re doing- from the mundane to the extreme- all the time.


If you’re not getting warnings from Facebook about having too many friends, you don’t have enough.

Thanks to the ubiquity of FB, the site is no longer just a tool for stalking people you hardly know. Unlike twitter where the follower/followee relationship can be very one-sided, with FB the relationship is mutual from the get-go, so friend everybody! Because the more friends you have, the cooler you look and the more people will see how rad you are. It’s like being able to go into a crowded room and high-five total strangers – and never have to see the “do I know you,” look on their face.

Forum boards

For those people that you don’t know, or at least have no mutual friends with on Facebook, the internet forum board is the easiest way to get your radness to the masses. In a world where coolness is determined by quantity of posts, not quality, this can be your ticket to cyber-respect. This does require some thick skin, however. Be prepared for a bunch of people that you’ve never met before to Monday morning quarterback your decision making, skiing abilities, photo abilities, and overall worth as a human being.

The “Vote for Me” Powder Video Award Video

Even though you haven’t landed that breakthrough segment with TGR or MSP, this shouldn’t dissuade you from getting your radness to the masses. Once they see the video you shot on your point-and-shoot and edited in iMovie, they’ll undoubtedly pencil your name in for the PVA and…BAM!! What fools the producers at major film companies will feel like when they see the likes of you edging out heavy hitters like Sage and Seth. A little personality and a little creativity will undoubtedly overcome the legions of fans those guys have.


Wait, scratch that, nobody uses MySpace.

Outdoor Advertising

Starting November 1st, if you own a sled and a truck they should be together at all times. Screen shot from Teton Pass shows outdoor advertising being executed perfectly: high traffic area of core target market, bonus points for parking in front of a web cam.

Unfortunately, the internet does end somewhere, so for those folks that you can’t reach regardless of how hard you tweet, blog, or post, you need to take the show on the road. I know what you’re thinking, “Griffin, that billboard by BCC with that super annoying Oakley ad (is that current) must cost a fortune?” True, but be a little resourceful. Just throw your sled in the back of your truck and drive around with it everywhere! This way, everybody that drives by your house, you see in traffic or in the parking lot will know how awesome you are because you own a sled and ski.

If all else fails, try skiing really hard every day, pushing yourself, enjoying yourself, being humble and letting everybody else talk about how rad you are…but that method is kinda dated.

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