Best View Ever

BUENAS DIAS!!!!! That´s Spanish for, good day. Anyway, finally made it to the snow from 90 degree weather in the states. After flying Atlanta-Beunas Aires we spent the day getting things organized to towe the sleds to the mountians. By the way, the Atlanta international terminal may have the best people watching in the world, my advice, set up shop by the piano player where the three wings come together- grab a beer and those ten hours will just fly by. Anyway, my friend Andre has spent the last three months getting sleds from Tahoe, CA to Buenas Aires- no easy feat. But he is now the proud owner of two of the likely less than ten sleds in the country. So, we had to put the finishing touches on the trailer as well as pick up some last items for the sleds. We finally had all of our affairs in order and hit the road around mid-night for the 24 hour drive to the hills.
I´d like to be able to say that I helped navigate the way to the mountains, learning a lot about the Argintinin landscape on the way there, but honestly i slept three quareters of the way. We arrived in Bariloche early Sunday morning after a hang up in Neuquen, just as the sun was hitting the snowy peaks surrounding the town. For whatever reason itçs very therapeutic to see the alpinglow after an absence from the snow. Bariloche is one of the most beautiful places i´ve ever been. There are gorgeous, crystal-clear lakes surrounded by snowy peaks everywhere. It´s like now place i´ve ever been. I took the above photo at an overlook the other evening, so cool! For now we´re hanging out in Bariloche getting things ready and waiting for the snow to snow. As soon as the snow gets good we will hit up the heli and the sleds…hopefully they weill give me a warm up run first.

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